2013 Scholarships

Thank you to all that have applied for 2012-2013 BBSEF scholarships. BBSEF is a nonprofit organization, therefore we manage our resources carefully in order to give back to our membership and the Treasure Valley community the opportunity to participate in competitive skiing/snowboarding programs.  We have been fortunate the last few years to once again have a financially healthy organization; therefore in order to help our youth enjoy the great sport of skiing and snowboarding we are in a position to once again give back to our membership in the form of scholarships.  

BBSEF is pleased to announce the following members are recipients of a 2012-2013 BBSEF scholarship. 

Nikita Rubocki – Team Shred Travel
Chandelle Wojahn – Team Shred Travel
Anika Rubocki – Team Shred 2-day
Barret Kilroy – Team Shred Travel
Parker Anderson – Mitey Mite
Maris Toalson – D-Team
Shannon Troy – D-Team
Riley McDougal C-Team
McKenzie McDougal C-Team
Asa Menlove – C- Team
Sarah Combs  – B-Team
Aurora Rosin  – B- Team
Lauren Kochaver – B-Team
Courtney McCabe – B-Team
Connor Sabin – A-Team
Lance Gary  – A-Team
Nick Sabin  –  FIS Team
Tristan Zachary – FIS Team
Mary Totten – FIS Team

We thank the scholarship committee for their time and diligence in selecting these recipients.  This is not an easy task with so many qualified applicants.  The scholarship committee is comprised of volunteer BBSEF Alumni that do not currently have family members in the program.  The scholarship committee operates independently from the BBSEF Board of Directors. 

BBSEF Board of Directors
Mike Sabin, President

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