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Boise, ID

Your U (Under) Class is the age group that you will compete in. Each U class is specific to years of birth. Your age for the ski season is your age on December 31st.

Alpine U classes are as follows:
U-21 – ages 18-19-20  FIS Team
U-19 – ages 16-18  FIS Team, Freeski/Snowboard Home or Freeski/Snowboard Travel
U-16 – ages 14-15 U16- Team, Freeski/Snowboard Home or Freeski/Snowboard Travel
U-14 – ages 12-13 
U14-Team,Freeski/Snowboard Home or Freeski/Snowboard Travel
U-12 – ages 10-11 D- Team (Devo Home), North SeriesTeam or Freeski/Snowboard Home
U-10 – ages 8-9  D- Team (Devo Home) Age 9 Freeski/Snowboard Home or North SeriesTeam
U-8 – ages 6-7 Mitey Mites