Carma Q. Burnett Award

The Carma Q Burnett Award for Distinguished Service

Established in 2018 to honor Carma's unwavering commitment to ski racing and Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation!  Carma first started in BBSRA as Mitey Mite in 1971 and continued as a top-ranked competitor through high school, going on to race in college.  After college, Carma returned to serve as program Director from 1991 to 2003 before moving on to serve as Executive Director Intermountain Division.  Her commitment to ski racing and BBSEF has never waivered as she continues to chair our annual Welcome Winter which, she founded/created in 1993.

2018- Bobby Garrison
n appreciation and acknowledgment of decades of dedicated support timing BBSRA/BBSEF events.
Bobby is the original BBSRA/BBSEF A-Team!

2019 - Barry Young
In appreciation of extraordinary and unwavering commitment to
the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation.

We will celebrate the 2020 CQB award recipient at the next live Welcome Winter event!