BBSEF First All Team Dryland for the 2015-2016 Season

Looking for some fun exercise this Sunday, October 4th?  Please join us for our 1st dryland session at Camel’s Back Park from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  This dryland session is for ALL of our BBSEF teams.  Everyone is welcome to participate as we prepare for the greatest season of the year Ski/Snowboard Season!  

Bring a water bottle and dress for the weather.  See you Sunday!

The next all team dryland sessions are scheduled for October 25th and November 15th, both at Camel’s Back Park from 4:00-5:00

BBSEF Welcomes Erik Fisher!

Hello BBSEF Families,

BBSEF is proud to announce former BBSEF athlete, Olympian and US Ski Team member Erik Fisher “Fish” will be joining our coaching staff.  Erik will coach the BBSEF Alpine Competition Team (ACT) primarily be working with our U14 athletes.  His dynamic understanding of skiing and desire to work with our athletes will help take our athletes to the next level.

Eric Fisher













Fish started skiing with the Bogus Basin ski school at age three. Erik joined the BBSRA (now BBSEF) Mitey Mite team when he was seven and began what has turned out to be a career in ski racing career. He was named to the US Ski Team in 2004 and qualified for the 2010 and 2014 Olympics.

Fisher has a diverse portfolio. He opened a shaved ice stand in his hometown during the spring of 2012 and has other small businesses. Off the books, he grew up playing football and baseball. Now he enjoy’s kiting, wakeboarding, road cycling, and many other sports.

We are looking forward to a fantastic ski season!

Welcome Garrett Haag!

BBSEF is excited to announce the hiring of our new Team Shred Head Coach Garrett Haag.  Garrett is a former BBSEF coach who has spent the last 2 years honing his coaching skis as a Freestyle Ski Coach at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.  He is certified level 100 USASA coach, Level one PSIA ski instructor, and has his Level one Freestyle coaching certification.  He will bringing these skills and high energy level to the new season of Team Shred.

Corey McDonald will still be very involved with BBSEF as the Snowboard head coach, providing the amazing coaching skill to our athletes that he has become known for.  He is also planning on continuing his role as Head of Terrain parks at Bogus Basin, which means more awesome terrain parks next winter!

Alpine 101 FAQ

Athletes licensed in the Intermountain
Division who have paid their dues to the USSA are defined within the following age groups:

U Class: Your U (Under) Class is the age group that you will compete in.
Each U class is specific to certain years of birth.. Alpine U classes are as

U-21 – ages 19-20

U-19 – ages 16,17 & 18

U-16 – ages 14-15

U-14 – ages 12-13

U-12 – ages 10-11

U-10 – ages 8-9

U-8 – ages 6-7 (For BBSEF Home Teams only, not a USSA recognized age class)

Alpine Disciplines

Slalom (SL): A slalom course is the shortest in distance, but contains
the greatest number of turns. Turns are short, quick and continuous. Slalom is considered a technical event.

Giant Slalom (GS): The Giant Slalom is the most fundamental alpine
event. Most young racers will start with Giant Slalom races. It is the closest event to pure free skiing.  GS is also considered a technical event.

Super Giant Slalom (Super G): Super G is the bridge between Giant Slalom and Downhill, and is considered a speed event. Athletes compete in Super G starting at the U-14 level. Super G is the dominant event we train and race for speed in our program.

Downhill (DH): Downhill is the fastest of the four alpine disciplines.
Athletes compete in downhill starting at the U-16 level, but not as a
requirement for team participation.


All four Alpine disciplines require a different set of skis. As athletes get older, the more specific their equipment becomes. Equipment requirements are as follows:

Mighty Mite – 1 pair of giant slalom skis or all-mountain skis that are
not too fat.

D Team 1 to 2 pairs of skis targeting GS and Slalom and/ or a pair of
all mountain skis.

C Team– 1 to 2 pairs of skis targeting GS and Slalom and a pair of all
mountain skis.

B Team – 2 to 3 pairs of skis, specifically Slalom and GS skis. (Super G
optional or loaners).  A pair of all mountain skis.

A Team – 2-5 pairs of skis, specifically slalom, GS and Super G (loaners
available), one pair for training, one for racing. A pair of all mountain skis.

FIS and PG Team – 4+ pairs of skis, two for each discipline, one race,
one training. Speed skis as needed. A pair of all mountain skis.

Equipment Leasing and Pro Nights: For the younger athlete, our local ski shops offer leasing programs for the season. For the older, competition athlete, it is very beneficial to attend the “Pro Night” specifically for ski team at the shops to be able to order new equipment at discounted prices directly from the company reps. We will send out announcements as to when these events are coming up, as well as who is eligible to attend.

Equipment Maintenance: When athletes reach the U-14 level, they learn how to and become responsible for tuning and maintaining all equipment. For the U-12 and younger, parents should be responsible to maintain equipment and have skis tuned and waxed as needed. Our local ski shops offer some good tuning programs.

USSA: The United States Ski and Snowboard Association. This is the governing body for the sport of skiing in the U.S. It is its alpine and free ride programs and education system that we use as a guide to our training programs. USSA comprises three regions:
(Western, Eastern and Rocky Central).

Western Region (WR):
Intermountain is one of five divisions that make up the Western
Region. These include Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA), Far West (California), Northern Division (Montana) and Alaska.

Intermountain Division (IMD):
We are a part of the Intermountain Division which consists of clubs in the
states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

FIS: FIS is the
International Federation of Skiing. FIS represents the international ranking system versus USSA’s national ranking system. FIS races are open to international competitors. Athletes must be 16 (Birth year 1995) and have a FIS license in order to race in a FIS Race. Athletes will be advised when they are eligible and when they need to purchase the license.

Points Lists: Once you have a competitive USSA license (U-16 and older plus the 13 year olds that are planning to race in IM Open races), you will have access to the Points List, which is broken down by discipline (Slalom, GS, Super G and DH). Your points will be tabulated by USSA and your standing on the points list will both qualify you for certain competitions including Western Region U16 Championships and events beyond the U16 level, and determine your starting order. The system is based on an ascending scale where the best racer in the world in each discipline are established at 0 points, and based on the level ofthe competitors in a particular race, points are awarded by that standard of competition to create the “penalty” and that penalty added to your race points earned from your placing based on time away from the winner. determines your point score.

Bogus Basin Coaches Cup Series BBSEF Home Teams (Mitey Mite, D-Team and Team Shred Home) participate in the Coaches Cup Series includes: Slalom, GS, Slopestyle, Glaende jumping and Ski Cross.

North/South Series: The Intermountain Division is divided into two geographical components – North and South. BBSEF is part of the North Region, which includes Bogus Basin, Sun Valley, Jackson, WY, McCall, Kelly Canyon and Pebble Creek. Championships rotate between North and South series.

Intermountain Championships:  A U-10 and U-12 Intermountain Division Championship event. Athletes qualify through an Intermountain Division qualification series of races.

U14 Championships: U-14 Intermountain
Championship event. Athletes qualify through an Intermountain Division qualification series of races.  The Northern Division is invited to this event.

U16 Western Junior
A U-16 Western Region Championship event. Athletes qualify through an Intermountain Division qualification series of races.

U-19 Nationals: A U-19 class national event. Invitations to compete are
based on a Western Region U-19 qualification series.

Western Junior Champs: A U-19/U-21 Western Region Championship event in all disciplines. Qualification is based on an Intermountain Division race series.


BBSEF Home Team Coaches Cup Overall

Congratulations to each of our BBSEF Coaches Cup athletes!

This seasons overall coaches cup included all six BBSEF Coaches Cup events: January 17th GS/Slopestyle, February 8th Slalom/Slopestyle, March 7th & 8th Slalom, Jump, Giant Slalom and Slopestyle.  Participants were awarded points according to the Coaches Cup points system detailed below.  The goal is to have the lowest possible points.  You must have participated in three (50%) of the events to quailify for an overall award.  Overall awards will be presented at the annual BBSEF banquet May 1st, 6:00 pm, at Westys bowling center.

Thank you to our BBSEF Families and Friends for volunteering your time to make our Coaches Cup series fun quality events for all of our BBSEF home teams.

Boys Coaches Cup Overall Points       Girls Coaches Cup Overall Points

Coaches Cup Points System
Place = Points
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
5 = 5
6 = 6
7 = 7
8 = 8
9 = 9
10 = 10
11 = 11
12 = 12
13 = 13
14 = 14
15 = 15
16 = 16
17 = 16
18 = 16
19 = 16
20 = 16
21 = 16
22 = 16
23 = 16
24 = 16
25 = 16
DSQ = 20
DNF = 20
DNS 2nd run = 22
DNS = 25

BBSEF Spring Registration is underway!

                       BBSEF Spring Signup Special!

Sign up today and receive your spring registration discount*
*25% nonrefundable deposit required to receive discounted price
Refer a new family and receive a $50.00 credit when they join BBSEF.

BBSEF 2015-2016 Program Fees Program Fees Spring
Program Fees if Registered by May 1, 2015
                                                  Home Team Options
Mitey Mite (U8) 495 40 455
D-Team (U10+) 560 50 510
Team Shred Home -( ages 9+) 595 50 545
Race to Ride (1 day Alpine, 1 day Shred) 930 75 855
                                                     Travel Team Options
Team Shred Travel Tue, Sat & Sun 1200 100 1100
Team Shred Travel  Tue, Thur, Sat & Sun 1700 150 1550
North Series (U10+) Wed, Sat & Sun 1200 100 1100
U14-Team (4 days Tue, Thur, Sat & Sun) 1700 150 1550
U16-Team (5 days Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun) 2800 250 2550
FIS-Team (U18, 5 Days) 3000 275 2725

25% Nonrefundable deposit due on or before May 1st to receive spring price.


No Fun Day Sunday:-(

We are sad to say:  Due to the limited snow, and forecasted rain on Sunday our BBSEF fun day is not looking very fun.  Regrettably we are canceling Sunday’s  fun day.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will turn cold and snow so we can finish the season with a great powder day!

Last weekend was officially the end of training for our Home Teams. There will NOT be any more training on Saturday or Sunday for Mitey Mites/D-Team/Team Shred Home.

We do have the McCall Winter Games March 27th & 28th.  Entry fees are $15 for Age Class Racers. Entry is payable online at: BBSEF will be sending coaches.  After you register online please RSVP and let us know you are going so we know how many coaches to send. Attached is the race announcement with all of the details.

We hope to see everyone at the Annual BBSEF banquet and meeting.  The banquet/meeting will be Friday, May 1st, at Westys Bowling Center (by the fairgrounds) in Garden City, from 5:30-8:00 pm.

Schedule of events:

  • 5:30 Annual Meeting
  • 6:00 Awards
  • 6:30-8:00 Pizza & Bowling

The cost is $15.00 for ages 8 & older, children ages 7 and under are $5.00. This includes: bowling, shoe rental, pizza, salad and soda.



BBSEF Friends and Families:

BBSEF’s 28th annual Rose Sale is under way.  The Rose Sale is a terrific fund-raiser that provides a unique and fun way to help us maintain quality programs. The cost is only $15.00 per dozen. These roses are beautiful and it is fun to see the smiles when people receive their roses. Roses may be picked up on Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday March 12th between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Money raised will benefit all of our BBSEF teams, by way of upgraded equipment and other necessary improvements. These gorgeous roses are guaranteed and available in multitude of beautiful colors.
red salmonhot pinktropical

Coaches Cup Finale

BBSEF Home Team Families,

This weekend March 7th & 8th, is our Coaches Cup four event finale with Slalom, Jumping, Giant Slalom and Slopestyle .  ALL of our Saturday and ALL of our Sunday home teams are included in all four events!  Which means everyone comes up both Saturday and Sunday. Because we have two competitions each day we have to start earlier (8:50) and it is very important you are on time!

We need volunteers for a variety of positions, please contact the office and volunteer.  We would also like to have a few volunteers bring cookies for the awards ceremony on Sunday.  

The slalom, GS and jump will be in Bitterroot. The Slopestyle will be held in the terrain park in lower Stewart’s Gulch. Again everyone (Mitey Mite, D-Team and Team Shred Home) will be entered in the the races, slopestyle and jump.

Please be on time, if you are late your child may miss their opportunity to inspect the course with their coach. We will meet at 8:50 at the flags outside the Jason Harper training center (across from the upper lodge).

Saturday March 7th Slalom & Jumping  
8:50 Hand out bibs at flags
9:00 Inspection
9:15 Forerunners
9:20 Start First Run Girls /Boys
After your first run you will go with your coach/group for your practice   jump
10:35 Redress
10:45 Start Second Run
12:00 Lunch
12:55 Meet at flags
1:00 Jumping starts
3:30 Meet at flags & Collect bibs
3:40 Awards for Slalom
Sunday March 8th Giant Slalom and Slopestyle
8:50 Hand out bibs at flags
9:15 Forerunners
9:20 Girls Start First Run GS
Boys start Slopestyle
10:30 Redress
10:50 Forerunners
10:55 Girls Slopestyle Start 
10:55 Boys Start first run GS 
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Inspection
1:15 Forerunners
1:20 Start Second Run GS Girls then Boys
3:00 Meet at flags
3:05 Awards: Jumping, Slopestyle, Giant Slalom

This will be our last full weekend of Mitey Mites, D-Team and Team Shred Home.   We will have our BBSEF fun day & BBQ for all BBSEF members on Sunday, March 15th.  We have fun team competitions planned for this day and will send the details after the Coaches Cup Finale.