U19, U21, Age (16-19)

U19, U21, Age (16-19)  This group is included in the Alpine Competition Program and will attend the FIS/USSA/IMD race series. This involves three qualifying series events and a Championship event in the region known as the U19, U21 WRJC’s. There will be other opportunities for FIS racing and opportunities to qualify for the U19 National Championships with the provision based on coach’s evaluation that the athlete is a serious contender for upper level competition. Summer and Fall Dryland is included in this Program. Training will be five days per week with van privileges for midweek training. Members receive a locker in the Jason Harper Training center. Travel to the away events will be with the Ski Team Vehicles.  Season will start Mid December thru the end of April.

U19 Team

  • Ages 16 to 18, thru the end of High School
  • Focus: Skiing with coaches and refining the fundamentals of skiing. Develop skills of Alpine racing included in Slalom, GS Super G and Downhill. Usage of standard FIS Gates in slalom and GS.
  • Duration: Early December thru April 1 with Camp opportunities November and December.
  • Training days: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Weekdays offer early afternoon and/or after school training.
  • Dryland: June thru Dec 1. Two days to three days a week.
  • Events: IMD Cup series with opportunity to qualify for the Western Region Junior Championships. This series is scored and division wide.  Opportunity to race in IM scored open races. Michael B Young all mountain event and Skills Quest evaluation.
  • Licensing Requirements: USSA Competition license and FIS License for IM Cup tech and other FIS opportunities.  If you qualify for the WRJC’s you will need a FIS license.
  • Alpine Comp. Team Coaches