FIS Team Updates

Coach Update

Date: 1/10/22

Hello Alpine Competition Team,

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. It sounds like the U16/18/FIS group had some good training. The U14 group had a good weekend of racing at Snowbird. Night training starts this week! This email is to go over the van schedule for the week, gauge interest in adding an early van starting next week and briefly go over the training schedule. 

Team/Group training schedule (this will occasionally deviate to account for competition schedules and other factors):

  • Tuesdays:
    • U16/18
    • FIS 
    • U14
    • North Series 4th day add on 
    • Freeride 4th day add on ​
  • Wednesdays:
    • U16/18
    • FIS
    • North Series and ski up add-ons (on charter school bus)
    • Freeride (mainly on charter school bus)
  • Thursdays:
    • U16/18
    • FIS 
    • U14

Van schedule:

This week we will be offering transport on the late van. We plan to offer an early van starting next week if there is interest. Please complete the google poll link below to let us know you;re coming and if you'd be regularly able to ride an earlier van to training starting the week of 1/17.

Late Van schedule Tues/Wed/Thurs:

  • 3:45 depart BBSEF office
  • 4:45-7:00 On-snow 
  • 7:30 depart mountain
  • 8:15 arrive BBSEF office

Proposed early van schedule Tues/Wed/Thurs:

  • 2:30 depart BBSEF office
  • 3:30-6:00 On-snow 
  • 6:30/6:45 depart Mountain
  • 7:20 arrive BBSEF office

Let us know if you plan to ride in a team van to training this week. Filling out this form is required to ensure that we have a seat for you in our vehicle plan each day. We are not scheduling an early van for training this week, use this poll to let us know if your schedule would allow you to regularly take advantage of an early van.

If you plan to come to training on Tuesday (tomorrow), please complete the form by 10:00am Tuesday morning.


Ben and the BBSEF staff


Good afternoon everyone,

Yowzaa, I can't believe the holiday weeks are already behind us.  We certainly saw our conditions go from rather sparse to a much more ample snowpack and at least we are not suffering from too much snow like the Sierras and the NW.

It was great to finally be allowed to train on Bitterroot the last 2 days.  Free ski time on the SG skis yesterday followed up by 2 intro SG courses today was valuable and productive.  Everyone used the first course to "shake out the boogeries" and develop stronger runs in the second course.

I know Lulu gate training is short and not very steep.  However, our time spent there was super important for developing core movement patterns and stronger tactical elements that we can bring to steeper terrain and race courses later on.  When an athlete trains on shorter courses, their focus must be on making every run count and focus on the pertinent elements for each run.  Let's face it, the alternative was no gate training at all.  Now that we have a decent snowpack, we will be getting to train on different parts of the mountain.  Ooh yeah.


1.  We will be night training this week - girls on Tues., Wed. and boys on Tues., Wed., and Thurs.  We will be sending out the van logistics after Ben returns and he and I can talk.

2.  I have a little assignment for you.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be sure that your child reads the next part of the message.  It will help them be a more knowledgeable and confident competitor in the future.



Your skis can be World Cup prepped - grind, tune and wax - and get ruined by improper care.  Here are some of the basics.

1.  ALWAYS use good ski straps - 2 minimum and 3 is much better.  At tip and tail, be sure the padded piece prevents the bases from touching.  The third stap in front of the toe piece.

2.  Straps should be on in transport, up the lift and coming off the hill.

3.  At the start, your skis should be laid out in the area designated by the coach and unstrapped BEFORE inspection. (Moment 1 of panic at a race is when you show up a bit late and your skis are not ready to click in)

4.  Whenever you are approaching the base area, be observant for ANY area where there has been foot traffic.  People bring all kinds of sand, salt and crud from the parking lot and the lodge.  Take your skis off well away form these areas and walk (yes, walk) them to a ski rack.  I know, OMG, that is so hard!

Ignoring my advice on staps and high traffic areas will insure that your skis will become slower to the point where you can't catch a pig in a ditch.

5.  When you return to the hotel, bring them in your room or ski storage area, separate them, dry them off and get them to room temp before waxing.  Take care of the walls.


1.  Label your skis and poles!!! (Moment 2 of panic happens when you show up in the start and someone made their run on your skis or with your poles.

2.  Skis get laid out as a team - I will show you how to have them race ready at the start.

3.   Before you leave Boise, CHECK YOUR GEAR!!!  All boot screws and rivets.  Binding screws and DINS.  Coaches have the tools to fix anything up to a full engine rebuild.

4.  Have you packed what you need to race in the appropriate discipline?  You don't get to throw your parents under the bus because THEY didn't pack it.  Your job, your responsibility.

5.  I will have a gear bag at the start for jackets and pants if I deem the weather makes it necessary.  We only bring down what has been put in the bag. (Better ponder that one a while)


1.  You are now U16s and U18s.  As coach Reynolds used to say "if you can't be on time, be early".  Know where you need to be and when.  We will help with this information.

2.  Coaches are not your servants.  In Europe, they are called "trainers".  We have a role to perform at races and each athlete has their role.  Our goal is to help each individual achieve their best performance.  We need to be focused on our job as much as possible.

3.  Do not count on a coach to be in the lodge to move the group along like a herd of musk ox.  That is for younger groups who need that kind of attention

4.  Get in the habit of knowing the length of the lift ride.  How many minutes?  Lift lines?  Total time to get to the start.


1.  Cell phones.  I want your head in the game.  IF you have to check something, it should be done in the lodge.  Those goofy things should not be a detractor of your performance!!!

2.  Plan on where you will wear your lift pass.  Your bib is not your lift pass and the pass must be on you.  Most new speed suits have a pocket - great.  If not, you need to put it where it won't fall out if you take off the top and it gets lost.  Some people tape it to the underlayer.  I have seen it way too many times.  Big crocodile tears.

I know this was long and perhaps you know many of the above items.  The goal is to show up well prepared so you can perform to your best and the coaches can do their job to best support your success and fun at the race.

I am really looking forward to being with all of you at our first races of the season.  Who wins tomorrow, Alabama or Georgia?

Have a good evening.  I will send the training program for the week, with transportation info tomorrow morning.


U16/19 FIS Head Coach  


Good afternoon,

A bit nippy out there today but it is an outdoor winter sport!  Training has been going well and we have been taking advantage of the new snow and short training blocks when they are available.  I wanted to give everyone the schedule for the rest of the holiday period.

NOTE:  Please be aware that we are playng a little bit of a weather game.  The forecast is one thing, we have to see what mama nature actually delivers.  If conditions permit, we will get in our training gate time.  If there is too much new snow, we will free ski either as a group with a focus or the kids are welcome to join friends/family for skiing.

SCHEDULE:  DECEMBER 29, 2021 - JANUARY 9, 2022

DEC. 29 - 31 Training each day GS if we can run. gates.  9am - 3pm Wed. & Thurs. 1/2 day Fri.  9am - 12pm.

JAN. 1 -2 OFF.  We will be wrapping up 5 straight days and the kids need a rest.  Also, I think this Sunday could be a very busy day at the mountain given the current conditions.  The training center will be open so the kids can access their gear on Sunday if they wish to ski with the family.  I recommend rest or a short ski day.

JAN. 3 -5: Monday - Wednesday:  Training 9am - 3pm

JAN. 6:  OFF

JAN. 7 - 8: Training 9am - 3pm

JAN. 9:  Training 9am - 12pm

We need to manage our time on snow with balanced rest and relaxation time.  Our days are long and the cold drains energy.  One of my goals is to make sure we do not peak too early in the seasson and "run out of gas" before our important races.

I will get back to everyone at the end of the week with details about our upcoming races.

Stay warm,


U16/19 FIS Head Coach  



Good morning everyone,

Merry Christmas!  I hope you had a great day yesterday with family and friends.  Here are some details from last week and training for the upcoming week.  I know some families are away for different periods of time so individuals can join in when it fits your schedule.


I am VERY pleased with the progress of the group to this point in the season.  The time we have had to free ski with a focus has really paid off.  The individual effort, attention to tasks, questions/interactions has produced significant changes.  I like it!

When we used the brushes above the gate as helpers the athletes really paid attention to the components of the drill and it made a huge difference in turn transitions, developing a strong arc above and back to the gate and helped eliminate grinding under the gate.  You can't catch a pig in a ditch grinding under the gate!!!!


I am calling this "Gracie Day".  She is prepping for Tuesday to join the Sun Valley FIS ladies in SL.  The entire group is welcome to join and I encourage you to do so.  It will give us a little break from GS and give me a chance to assess some of the elements needed for our SL training in the future.  We will be running tall gates so be sure to bring your SL skis and full protection.  If you are not interested in a day of SL, plan on free skiing.  We will meet in front of the training center at 8:45.


Back to our GS focus.  I will let the gang know specific training times on Monday.  Meet every day at 8:45 in front of the training center.



I am sure you have seen the forecast for the coming week.  It is important that every athlete is dressed WARM.  A few suggestions: layers (speed suits are a terrible insulating layer - I wouldn't wear one), warm face coverings, hand/toe warmers.  Be sure to check each other for signs of facial frost bite and if you are cold, GO INSIDE, don't wait to tell me! 

The colder temps affect my video camera (and my fingers) so I probably won't shoot as often.


We will have van transportation from the BBSEF office Monday - Friday.  Departiure time 7:20am.  We leave the mountain at 3:20pm to arrive office by 4:00ish.  please text me the days you are riding the van.This will be a long training week so pacing and quality rest are super important.

That is it for now.  See you tomorrow if you are joining us.


U16/19 FIS Head Coach  


Good morning,

This email is regarding our training plan and our transportation options for the week.  If your athlete needs a van ride to training, please fill out the google poll so Ben and I can plan appropriately for vans.    

Van transport:

  • Masks required at all times--no food or drink in the vans at this time
  • 8:20 depart BBSEF office
    • Meet in the BBSEF office parking lot
    • Arrive by 8:15 to load up for 8:20 departure
    • Please be mindful of the dentist office business traffic in the parking lot
  • 3:20 depart Bogus basin for a 4:00 arrival back at the BBSEF office.
  • Complete this google form so we know you're planning to ride with us:

Training Outline:

Tuesday, 12/21 - first day of winter!  Meet at 9:45.  Please be on GS skis if you have them.

Wednesday, 12/22 - Meet at 9:45.  We will have a short morning warm-up, lunch then train GS gates from 12:00-2:00.  The afternoon will wrap up at 3:00ish.

Thursday, 12/23 - Meet at 9:45.  Train GS gates from 10:00-12:00.  After lunch we will free ski on GS skis working on elements from our gate time.  Note:  I will be shooting video on at least one of the gate sessions so be sure your make-up is at its best!  You want to look good.

I apologize for the short notice on the above information.  I have been dealing with a family matter and this is the first chance I had to get to my computer.

This is going to be a great week!  See you up at BB.




Good afternoon,

I hope everyone got my first email about training for this week.  Now I want to give an overview of last week's training for the kids as a reminder of some of what we worked on and for the parents to keep you up to speed.

This weekend marked the first time having the entire group of U16/U18/FIS athletes together on snow.  It was really great to see everyone together.  I know through the holidays families have plans and participation will vary quite a bit.  I will coach whoever is there for the day.  School schedules are all over the place.

I am REALLY pleased with the progress I am seeing for so early in the season.  The attention and effort is paying off.  Part of what we are doing is making the adjustment to being U16s and older.  This means each athlete needs to be more responsible for their time spent with the group.  The days of being like a musk ox herd are over.  We don't move as one group and wait to get our feedback one at a time once we stop.  The process needs to change where the coach gives directions explaining what we are working on, how proper performance is achieved and why it is valid/important to the athlete.  This promotes more opportunity for experimentation with trial and error. The gang has been great about asking questions about anything that is unclear or commenting on what is working or feeling better.

When we get on snow in the mornings, I choose a focus pertinent for the day.  It is worth sharing with the adults that the exercises and drills that are used are not the focus.  The important things are the ELEMENTS of the drill that will improve performance.  The top skiers in the world have been exposed to a wide variety to tasks.  Each individual then chooses the tasks that produce the best personal resuilts in their skiing.  This is the process I am begining with your kids.

The afternoons we have spent burning laps all over the mountain.  While we are free skiing I can give small tips to individuals, work on boot canting and address personal needs.  The ski time is critical!

Thanks to all the kids for letting me know when you will not be around - either for the afternoon or the next day.  This keeps my mind at ease knowing you are safe.

Thanks to the parents that have already gotten back to me about the 2 race series coming up in January.  Since the Jackson races are split gener, I am working on a plan for transportation so no one has to stick around for the 2 days they are not racing.  I will stay in touch on this issue.  Note:  I did not do a "google poll" on the races because the first time I tried, I screwed it up.

That is about it for now.  Have a great week.


U16/19 FIS Head Coach  

Bogus Basin Ski Ed Foundation / BBSEF 

1675 Hill Road Suite A

Boise ID 83702

Office 208-336-5295 FAX 208-336-1337 / Website




Bonne apres-midi,

Here is the information regarding upcoming training for the weekend and next week.

Saturday & Sunday, 12/18 - 12/19

MEET: The Clubhouse - 8:45am.  We will ski to around 3:00 both days.

SKI RECOMMENDATIONS:  All mountain skis.  Please bring GS trainers as well.  If the conditions permit, we will make some turns on the longer skis.  I would suggest that the kids not be on SL skis.  That is a long session for free skiing and a lot of extra work if the conditions get choppy. 

Monday - 12/20 - Off day

Tuesday - Thursday, 12/21 - 12/23

MEET:  The Clubhouse - 9:45am.  We will ski to around 3:00 all 3 days.  NOTE: As of press time, the mountain plans to be on regular weekday operating hours.  If this changes, I will let you know ASAP.

SKI RECOMMENDATIONS:  Same as above.  If the next storm hits as projected, the conditions and snow cover should improve.


1.  After skiing on Thursday 12/23, the clubhouse will be locked with no member access until the morning of Monday 12/27.  If you plan to ski over our days off, you need to take your gear home.

2.  Please do not feel like you have to stay each day until 3:00.  If you need/want to end the day early, that is fine.  I just ask that you let me know so I can be sure you are safe.

Looking forward to seeing the gang this weekend.  In the meantime, learn something in school!

Au revoir les enfants,



Date: 12/14/21

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, the snow is finally starting to arrive.  It happened the day after I put on my snow tires - you're welcome!

We had another good weekend of training each day before the crowds became too heavy.  New lifts and terrain are opening as the additional snow allows and the public is venturing off piste, although I don't have the confidence just yet to go off piste.

I was able to shoot video on Sunday for the 4 athletes who were there and each individual received it on their phone.  Hopefully it was shared with the parents.  We will be shooting video on a fairly regular basis, but not every day.  Video can be a valuable learning tool and I will plan the best times for its use to support our progress during the season.

I was asked this weekend when we will start running gates?  Patience Grasshopper! We need to take advantage of this crucial time on snow when gate training is not an option to make the most of our time to improve basic skiing skills.  It is important to know the focus for each run and put in a quality effort in order to make that run count. As a ski racer, you work on strengthening technical skills OUTSIDE the course and improving TACTICAL skills in the gates.

PARENTS - Please make sure the kids read my emails.

KIDS - Read my emails!

Information for the season:

My gang are the older kids and it is time to break out of the "may I" culture from when they were younger and be more responsible for themselves.  Here are some of the things the kids need to know:

1.  I start training on time.  Sometimes life gets in the way and an athlete may be running late (don't worry parents, I won't let them throw you under the bus).  They can join us when they can - we don't wait.

2.  The group rarely gets cold or needs the restroom all at the same time.  Asking permission to go inside is not necessary.  Take care of your individual needs, just let me know so I am not worried about your safety.  BTW, I have found that no one needs a "support group" to use the restroom.

3.  When the group and the coach get split up (this happened this weekend after video) and you are not sure what to do, take a free run.  Going skiing is always better than standing around AND it is far better for the coach to be waiting for the athletes than the other way around.


I am meeting with Ben first thing tomorrow morning in order to nail down the holiday training plans: which days we are on snow, transportation options, hours of on-hill time and scheduled days off snow for Xmas.  I will get back to everyone as soon as I have all that info. 

That is about it for now.



Date: 12/9/21

Guten morgen,

I hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to the projected change in weather coming our way.  (Fingers crossed)


**  Let's meet at the ski racks behind the beginner chair at 8:45.  

**  I plan to ski with the gang from 9 - 12ish.  If you miss the meeting time, we will be on Showcase.  

**  At this time, the mountain planned on refreshing the snow surface of the 2 trails that were open last week.  New terrain is not anticipated just yet.  We have found 2-3 hours of ski time on one trail to be sufficient.  It is perfectly fine if any of you wants to stay and ski with family or friends.

**  Our focus will be on getting back on snow, finding a good stance and setting general directions for the season.  Additionally this gives me the time to assess what each athlete needs to further their progress and evaluate equipment setup (especially boot canting and ramp angle).

Trivia question of the week:

When geese fly in a "V" formation, why is one line always longer than the other?

I hope to see you this weekend.