North Series Philosophy

North Series Philosophy:

We have set up the North Series team to be an inclusive entry point to more committed "travel team" style alpine ski racing. As a mid size club in a community that values the outdoors but that is not specifically a "ski town" we seek to take advantage of the range of backgrounds of our team members and make it a strength. Many of our athletes draw from families with a lifelong love of skiing and ski racing, many do not. This range gives us strength and creates an environment where each member of the team can make the sport their own in a way that is personally meaningful. By being open to a range of ages and entry points, we create opportunities for younger and less experienced team members to learn from and be inspired by their older and/or more experienced teammates. In the spirit of the adage "you don't truly understand something until you can teach it," the opportunity to share their understanding with teammates helps strengthen the knowledge, skill and ability level of our older and/or more experienced team members. 

In terms of the athletic goals we support we strive to make the North Series team a place where some will be supported as they jump off into an athletic career that could take them deep into national and international levels of competition as well as those who may move onto other things after a few seasons. In all cases we seek to create an environment where athletes can be proud of their hard work and the skills they develop and the time they spend on this team. We seek to make the best use of each athlete's time and focus knowing that for some alpine skiing and racing is a primary focus and for others it is a secondary or tertiary focus in their lives. 

This may sound as though we are trying to be all things to all people. In many ways we are--these are not easy things to balance. Our focus on equipment and fundamental skills serves as the lowest common denominator that ensures that all of these goals and backgrounds are well supported. In our planning processes and in the moment we ask ourselves if we are supporting the range of goals and backgrounds represented on our team. When we identify a situation where the mark has been missed, we adjust and improve. As coaches we seek to advocate for the athletes in our charge in many of the same ways that parents advocate for their children. We advocate for safety, fairness of competition, and access to learning and competitive opportunities aligned with each athletes goals.

Ben Roberts
Alpine Development Coach