U14 Alpine Team Updates



Athletes participating in IMD Races are required to have a current USSA Membership.  Create a new membership or renew here.


Coach Update

Date: 12/28/22

Hello U14 families and athletes, 

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! I am writing about the Snowking U14 qualifier January 13-15. I have to register athletes next week and want to make sure I know who is planning on attending. Please email me by Monday, 1/2 at 5PM to let me know if your athlete will be racing or not at Snowking. 

Thank you. Have a great rest of your week!

Pam Tucker-Kopp


Date: 8/4/22

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer and some time away for some fun.  It is time to at least temporarily, put on your winter hat and think equipment for your child.  Let me give you the down and dirty, quick version.  Order ASAP, don't delay, gear is limited (VERY LIMITED), gear is going fast, you snooze you lose.  See the pattern here?  


1. Please go to McU Sports, Greenwood's or Eco Lounge (for Atomic only) to get sized and fitted for your gear.  
2.  If you have questions about ski length, boot size/flex, the U12 parents should contact Dave Hall.  The U14, U16 and U18 folks should contact me.
3.  I am always available to meet any of the families at the shop and give any assistance if you would like.  Let's make sure the equipment is right so it works the best to make progress this season.
If the shop does not have what you need, don't panic.  Contact Dave Hall at dave@bbsef.org and he may be able to help out.


1.  You should not count on there being an equipment night.  That is very much up in the air at this point and the reason I am sending this email.
2.  Reps are all scheduled for club visits BUT, they have very little equipment availability so we do not have that option.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Shawn Smith
BBSEF Athletic Director


Hello to the BBSEF families from Shawn Smith, BBSEF Athletic Director shawn@bbsef.org  

I hope everyone is getting ready to jump into summer.  I wanted to write to you for a while now but we have been very busy with wrapping up the season, USSS online meetings, IMD meetings, summer camp planning and the spring membership enrollment.  I can finally draw a breath.

I am so pleased to join a well established club with top notch people running the show.  Working for Shannon Carrell is a real pleasure.  I am so impressed with her knowledge of the programs’ club history and ability to get things done properly and on time.  Working with the talented Kelly Mullens on any communication project is very enjoyable and informative.  I hope the membership appreciates the performance standards of those individuals and all they bring to our organization.  The talent of those individuals combined with a very supportive, committed and involved BOD, were major influences on my decision to remain with the club.

I was hired last fall to coach the alpine U16 and FIS athletes.  The season gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with a great group of kids and make personal observations and evaluations of many aspects of the club.  It was evident that there are many areas that are going well and should be supported.  I also saw areas of opportunity to advance our programs in the coming seasons.  I would like to outline some of the ideas that I plan to begin to implement changes next season and into the future.  So here we go!


I can tell you that this is an area where a vast majority of programs neglect.  IF there is any education, it centers around operation procedures and perhaps broad discussions about the technical aspects of racing.  They totally miss the importance to train the coaching staff on how to teach.  That’s right, the delivery skills of making connections and really affecting outcomes for the athletes to a great extent is the “art” of coaching.  The technical pieces are more the “science” of coaching.  Coach/instructor education has been a great passion of mine and I have had the pleasure for the last 45 years to train coaches of all levels from entry level to national team coaches from several nations.


Coaches are frequently left to create the focus and directions for their group of kids.  The problem that I have found with this approach is the lack of “flow” of development and growth as an athlete moves up in age groups.  The coaching staff needs the framework of what is to be covered and their personal delivery style brings the information to life.


This is another topic that does not get addressed with clubs.  Coaches are “too busy” to get this work done.  During the late summer and fall families will be receiving info pieces periodically on a wide variety of race-related subjects that I hope will help you broaden your knowledge of our sport.  I know everyone receives a bunch of messages so we will be prudent about the amount of messages that go your way.  During the season, the coaches will give you a weekly report of progress and significant outcomes.


I am very aware and sensitive to the costs of our sport.  Shops and reps mean well with their recommendations but do not always get things “right” for the athlete.  The coaching staff is a resource for parents to ensure the gear follows age appropriate rules and is optimally functional for the athlete.  I have been traveling to several families homes to check gear for next year.  Skis - length, radius and bindings; boots - sizing, flex, height, power straps, sole wear and tear; poles - length for SL, GS, SG, strap system (about 75% of the kids are using poles that are too short) and brand recommendations; helmets - fit and legality; back protectors if appropriate and finally any need for boot fit work or leveling (ramp angle, canting).


For next season we will be making a few adjustments in the coaching structure of 2 programs.  The North Series group will have its own head coach and 2 additional coaches.  Rather than working as one large group, athletes will be split into 3 smaller groups based on experience and needs.  Each coach will be responsible for coordinating the lesson/training plan for the week and communicating that plan to the head coach.  The U14 program will have a new coach this season due to the departure of Ben.  She/he will coordinate their weekly game plan with me to be sure we have continuity.

There will be some other changes of note.  Our young kids run too many gates - and oftentimes on the wrong terrain!  Basic skills need to be developed and enhanced while the kids explore all the mountain has to offer having fun with their coach, seeking out new challenges.  Time in gates should start on green terrain with short courses with intermittent sessions.  There is ample time for gate training when a solid skill base has been established and the kids get older.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  I hope it is helpful.  I am gradually meeting more of the families of our club and look forward to getting our new season under way.





Hello U14 crew,

I hope that everyone's week is going well and that you're recovering from all of our assorted adventures of the past few weeks. This email is primarily to check in and make sure that we're all set with who is doing what over the next two weeks and go over end of season wrap up.

Season wrap-up:

I have met with and had good discussions with many of you about your plans for next season and would like to be sure that over the next few weeks that all of us have an opportunity to check in and have those discussions. I'm flexibly available over the next few weeks and am happy to meet at the office or somewhere in town for coffee. Those of you who are 2nd year U14's (2008 birth year) who have not already done so I encourage you to check in with Shawn and discuss the transition to the U16 group for next season. Looking ahead to the prep period for next season it is very likely that equipment will be more difficult than usual to procure. With that in mind, I would also like to start the discussion about equipment so that we have a plan in place for each of you within the next 4 weeks or so. 

SnowCup and Targhee Spring Series:

I have checked in with most of you about your plans for these races. Please see today's email for my current understanding of everyone's plans.

  • SnowCup (Snowbird races open to 2008 birth year and older only):
  • Grand Targhee Spring Series (open to all U14s except those competing in the SnowCup races). Races are Friday-Sunday April 8-10th. 
    • Please let me know if you plan to race as soon as possible--entry deadline is the 1st and I'm trying to get the plans finalized as soon as possible. 

That is all for the moment, let me know if you have any questions ot things to discuss and please confirm your plans with me as soon as possible.





Hello U14 and North Series athletes and families,

I hope that everyone has had a great week. It was great to be at today's races at Sun Valley for our U10 and U12 boys racing in the IMD Champs. Here is the plan for the weekend:

Saturday 3/19: morning and afternoon 9:00-3:00 w/lunch break in the middle

  • GS on B1 morning and afternoon 9:00-3:00 w/lunch break in the middle
  • 8:50 meet outside the Training Center

Sunday 3/20: morning and afternoon 9:00-3:00 w/lunch break in the middle

  • U14's Morning session--Super-G
  • U14's and North Series afternoon session--Slalom
  • North Series Morning session-GS

Monday 3/21: exact schedule TBD--van transport will be available

  • Slalom!

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.






Hello U14 and Tuesday night ski up crew,

The conditions look interesting but I think that we'll be able to pull off some decent slalom training tonight. The U16/FIS and Freeride groups will not be training tonight. I will be heading up the hill shortly and will update you on the conditions before the scheduled 3:45 van departure.




Hello U14 crew,

This will be our last week of regular night training for the season. Our focus will continue to be a combination of race prep for the upcoming Championships races and putting the final pieces together on the progress each of you has made and getting practice reps in to nail them down. As spring activities and sports come into play more and more, keep me posted on your plans. Some of our training schedule can be flexible based on who is and isn't planning to be present and their needs. Here is the plan for this week and next:

Tuesday 3/15:

  • Slalom on the Ridge: weather may be a factor, I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to train

Wednesday 3/16:

  • Those of you training Wednesday you will have the option to either train Slalom and Kombi with North Series or GS with the U16/FIS crew

Thursday 3/17:

  • Slalom on the Ridge

This weekend (this may change based on terrain, weather and conditions--the plan is to get in some Super-G, GS, and SL:

  • Saturday 3/19
    • GS in Bitterroot
  • Sunday 3/20
    • Super-G for at least a morning or afternoon session, GS for the other, both in Bitterroot
  • Monday 3/21
    • Slalom where terrain is available (likely the Ridge)
    • Van transport will be available, look for more info about training on Monday later this week.
  • Tuesday will be a day off as Tuesday and/or Wednesday will be a travel day for many of you
  • I am not planning on holding training on the weekend of the 26th and 27th at this time. 
  • April 2nd and 3rd will likely be the last weekend of training for our group, this is TBD. 

End of season meetings and planning:

I have had the opportunity to meet with several of you already and would like to meet with each of you to discuss your plans for next season, wrapping up this season, and anything else that you'd like to go over. 

That is everything for the moment. Let me know if you have any questions or matters to discuss.





Hello U14ers,

I hope that everyone's week is off to a good start. This email will go over the training plan for the week and the discussions we have been and will continue to be having about wrapping up the season and what comes next for the following season.

Training this week:

The plan for the week is GS, with maybe a small side of Super-G. The weekend is still a little bit up in the air, my tentative plan is for us to train GS on Saturday to wrap up a small GS progression period and then move into Slalom on Sunday to start a small slalom progression. Many of the specifics will be dictated by weather and conditions and what terrain Bogus Basin has available--please be ready to be flexible.

Skis--take a good look at your skis and make sure that they are sharp and in good condition. Spring brings freeze thaw cycles and there is a good chance that some of our training and race days will include some challenging surfaces that require sharp edges. If you need help or have questions, let me know.

The plan:

  • Tuesday 3/8-GS on the Ridge  CANCELED
  • Wednesday 3/9--GS on the Ridge with the U16s
  • Thursday 3/10--Super-G on the Ridge if conditions allow. I will let you know about this Wednesday afternoon at the latest.
  • Saturday 3/12--GS in Bitterroot (I will confirm the plan later this week)
  • Sunday 3/13--Slalom in Bitterroot (I will confirm the plan later this week)

Check your email for this week's training van poll.

Wrapping up the season and what comes next:

We have started conversations with many of you already, this is time to ensure that our racing plans for the championships races and other spring races helps us put a bow on the year. Looking ahead to next year, some of you may be considering moving on from alpine ski racing, some might be certain of your plans to continue racing, and others somewhere in between. For those planning or strongly considering moving on, the underlying philosophy of my approach is that our time in this sport should be celebrated when it comes to an end, not looked at as "quitting," or "losing an athlete." Make no mistake, you will be missed--at the same time we're proud of our time together and the experiences we've had together and of your accomplishments. If you're thinking of retiring let's talk about how to wrap it up in a way that can be looked back on fondly with pride. For those of you who are undecided or who have questions about what next season holds, let's talk and review options and go over your questions and concerns. 

That is all for now. I look forward to seeing many of you on the hill tomorrow night.





Hello U14s!

I hope that everyone's weeks are off to a good start. This email will quickly review our training plans for the next 2 days and go over the plan for our last round of IMD U14 qualifier races at Park City this weekend.

Training this week--We will be training GS on the Ridge this evening and Slalom tomorrow evening. Because Thursday is a travel day, U14 athletes are welcome to join Wednesday's session. Please complete the van poll in your email.

Park City Races--We will be racing 2 GS races and 1 Slalom race this weekend. The original schedule was for the GS races to be Friday and Saturday with the Slalom on Sunday. Due to the weather forecast, Park City has shifted the schedule to Slalom on Friday and GS on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is registered and set to race. Brooke Bohus, Dave Hall and I will be there as coaches. 

Action items:

Park City Liability Release: Please follow this link and complete the release by the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday):


Lift tickets: Athlete lift tickets are $40/day. I plan to purchase these for those who need them to ensure a smooth morning on Friday. Please let me know by the end of the day Wednesday if your athlete needs a lift ticket.

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions. Keep on rocking in the free world!





Hello again U14 crew,

Looking at the next five days of training the plan is to continue the work we've been doing in both GS and Slalom to nail down the changes and progress that has been made over the last month. This will take us into the final prep for the Park City races March 4-6. The GS hill at Park City is a great race venue that requires strong technical skills and focus. We have already started working in opportunities to train on longer courses to grow more familiar with skiing well when our bodies are feeling the fatigue of a long and intense run and when our brains will tend to lose focus after about 40 seconds. There will be more of these opportunities mixed into this training block.

Tomorrow morning we will be running GS on Triumph, I'm hoping that as many of you as possible will be able to make it. Brooke will be joining us to coach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Plan for the week:

  • Sunday 2/20: 9:00-3:00 GS (morning on Triumph, afternoon in Bitterroot)
  • Monday 2/21: 9:00-3:00 Slalom all day in bitterroot
  • Tuesday 2/22: evening session--GS on the Ridge 
  • Wednesday 2/23: evening session--GS on the Ridge 
  • Thursday 2/24: evening session--GS on the Ridge  w/timing

The link for the training van poll for next Tuesday--Thursday can be found in your email.

Keep up the good work, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and I'm looking forward to the progress to come!






Great work at Snowbasin everyone! I'll keep this fairly quick. Here is the plan for the week:

Tuesday night 11/15: Slalom

Wednesday night 11/16: North Series Team--GS, U16/18 and U14 ski ups: Slalom

Thursday night 11/17: Slalom

Friday 11/18: OFF--those who have the school day off enjoy sleeping in and getting some rest

Saturday 11/19: OFF--this is our one Saturday off of the season, enjoy it!

Sunday 11/20: GS (hopefully morning on Triumph!)

Monday 11/21: Slalom

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions, great ideas, or matters to discuss.




Hello BBSEF U14, 16/18, FIS, and Tuesday Ski up families,

This week's van poll includes next Monday the 21st. We will be providing van transport to training on Monday for those who need it. Monday's training schedule is TBD based on Bogus's operations plan for the holiday. We will not be training on Saturday the 19th, enjoy sleeping in, time with family, or whatever else suits your fancy. Find the link to the poll in your email.





Hello U14 crew,

I hope everyone is getting excited to race. First I want to recognize R.S.'s hard work and commitment this season. She has been working hard, making steady improvements and is always in good spirits. R sustained a concussion at school a few days ago and will not be able to race this weekend. R, --we'll be thinking of you, keep the healing going--it is going to be awesome racing with you at Park City early next month! Along similar lines, H.R. will not be skiing for about two more months. He will probably be there this weekend to cheer his teammates on.

There will be an optional team meeting at 8:00 this evening in the lobby of the Best Western High Country Inn Ogden. We can push this to 9:00 if 8:00 is too early for many of your travel plans. The team captains meeting is at 6:00pm and I will get info out after that meeting. Several of you have asked questions about ski prep and making sure that everything is set up well, bring your skis to the meeting so that I can check them, we have a bench and tools with us to make adjustments if needed. That is everything for now. If anything comes up text or a call is the best way to reach me until this evening. (Number provided in email._





Hello U14 crew,

The link to the Snowbasin liability waiver is not working at the moment. When we have a functional link we will send it out to you. It will need to be completed by the end of the day tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to know who among us needs athlete lift tickets and for which days. I believe that a few of you have Epic passes and won't need tickets. For any of our female athletes looking to stay an extra day after racing or any male athletes looking to arrive early, athlete tickets should be available for those days as well. Please let me know by the end of the day tomorrow--I plan to put in our athlete ticket order with group sales so that I can pick them up in advance rather than on Friday morning.

  • $50/day ages 12 and under
  • $60/day ages 13+

Currently I know of one athlete that needs tickets for Friday and Saturday.

That is all for now, look for a link to a liability waiver soon. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.





Hello U14 crew,

Thanks for a great weekend of training. I'm really excited about where the group is at going into next weekend's races. The positive energy, excitement, and overall progression we've seen so far this season are really special. 

Check your email for a folder containing video (including Sam's run!) and some still images from our SG sessions on Sunday:


I took some still images and a few slow motion shots on my phone as well. 

This week's training plan:

Tuesday night:

  • Super-G: Bring SG skis and gear
    • SG on the Ridge--this will be a set that is 30-33 meters which will also work part of the U16/18 group's GS progression.

Wednesday night (with the girls traveling on Thursday, you're welcome to train on Wednesday night if you'd like):

  • GS on the Ridge or freeski on SG skis
    • My recommendation is to train GS, if more time on your SG skis is in order than  this is also an excellent option

Thursday night (boys only--girls will be on the road)

  • GS on the Ridge or Freeski on SG skis

Snowbasin race planning:

I will be in touch later with info about liability releases and athlete ticket orders for the weekend. Thanks Ann for the info about discounted parent passes. For those who have not been to Snowbasin for a race the finish is a short walk across the hill from the parking lot and is a good place to watch the race from. Saturdays tend to be a busy at Snowbasin as quite a few skiers and riders from the Ogden area go to church on Sundays. 

Brooke Bohus will be joining us as a coach for the weekend. Welcome Brooke!

Plans are underway to celebrate a team member's birthday. Check your email for all the details.

That is everything for now. Let me know if you have any questions and keep up the good work!





Hello U14 crew,

I hope that everyone had a good week. The plan for the weekend hasn't changed from my email a few days ago. I'm hoping that many of you can make it for both days of training as we have some good stuff planned for the final round of prep for SG racing next weekend at Snowbasin.

Saturday: GS on Triumph!!!

  • GS skis and gear--the objective is to have a longer training course on a challenging hill that tests our focus AND our ability to ski well when feeling some fatigue lower on the course.
  • AM session meet at 8:45, we will be heading to the backside
  • PM session--OFF--the afternoon is yours to do with as you would like

Sunday: SG in Bitterroot AM and PM

  • SG skis and gear
  • Meet at 8:45
  • AM and PM sessions, we will try to dig in a jump, snow conditions may not allow for this. 

That is all for now. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning!






Hello U14 (and Tuesday night ski up crew),

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a lot of fun watching everyone get comfortable on the Super-G jump and ripping arcs on the long boards! The hand dug feature worked well and I'm feeling good about everyone's comfort on SG skis, comfort in the air, and ability to maintain composure when things go differently than expected. Well done!

This week will be a shift in focus back to Slalom for Tuesday and Thursday (and Wednesday for those training on Wednesday night). This may seem a touch counterintuitive but it sets us up to have a final prep period before the Snowbasin SG races that is primarily focused on GS and SG without neglecting our SL skills. The change in skis and timing of movements is also good for nailing down the improvements we've been making on independent feet/legs and upper/lower body separation in both planes of movement. I will be at Soldier Mountain for the IMD 1st Year U14 Speed Camp Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'll be back on Thursday. 

Wildcard training option to consider--if there is enough interest from the North Series group we will be holding a SL training session at Rotarun on Friday from 12:20 to 2:30. This is prep for their races there next weekend. I don't know if it fits the plans for any of our U14s, but you are welcome to join the fun if you'd like to miss school for a field trip. I will be driving a BBSEF vehicle to Rotarun and back on Friday, so van transport will be available. This will cost a little extra--$300 hill fee plus $120 coaching fee (mileage and my lunch per diem) divided by however many BBSEF athletes choose to take part. Also the lift ticket will be $5. Let me know by Tuesday if this is something you might be interested in doing. 

Plan for the week:

  • Tuesday 2/1: Slalom on Mambo 
  • Wednesday 2/2: Slalom on either Mambo or Lulu
  • Thursday 2/3: Slalom on either Mambo or the Ridge
  • Friday 2/4: Optional Slalom at Rotarun
  • Saturday 2/5: (tentative) GS on Triumph
  • Sunday 2/6: Super-G on B1 

Look for a separate email with the van google form and schedule. Let me know of you have any questions or great ideas.





Hello U14 crew,

I hope that everyone is having a great week. There was good skiing and progression going on last night and I'm looking forward to seeing a few of you for Slalom tonight and most of you for GS tomorrow. This weekend we will be focusing on Super-G on both Saturday and Sunday. We will be adding a jump on Sunday. This process is all about slowly working into the air element with safety and comfort level monitored carefully.

Here is the plan:

  • Thursday night: GS
  • Saturday 1/29: Super-G
    • 8:45--3:00 w/lunch
    • Bring SG skis and gear. If you need a back protector, please let me know. We have several available for loan. 
    • AM session 30-34 meter SG training course in Bitterroot. Focus will be turning and continuing to feel comfortable on our skis.
    • PM session: Freeskiing on our SG skis around the mountain. 
  • Sunday 1/30: Super-G
    • 8:45--3:00 w/lunch
    • Bring SG skis and gear. If you need a back protector, please let me know. We have several available for loan. 
    • We will be adding a jump element!!! (conditions permitting)
    • AM session: Intro to jump element in Bitterroot
    • PM session: SG training with jump included.

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.





Hello BBSEF,

This week's training schedule is very similar to last week's. You will receive more specific info from your group's lead coach later today or early tomorrow. So everyone has the info they need, here's the deal:

Tuesday 1/25:

  • Giant Slalom
  • U14s, U16/18, and Ski ups
  • Van departs 3:45, returns 8:15-8:30

Wednesday 1/26:

  • Slalom
  • U16/18/FIS
  • Van departs 3:45, returns 8:15-8:30
  • North Series team will also be training Slalom, bus leaves 3:55

Thursday 1/27

  • Giant Slalom
  • U14s & FIS
  • U16/18s travel to Snowbird
  • Van departs 3:45, returns 8:15-8:30

Please complete the google form in your email to let us know if we can expect you.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or fun ideas to share.





Hello U14 families and athletes,

The weekend is almost here! We have a great weekend of training planned. First off, I'd like to recognize Coach Laurie for winning her World Championship GS race at Lillehammer Norway earlier today! I'm proud to have Laurie as a member of our staff and team and I want you all to know that Laurie is grateful for the excitement and energy that coaching you over the last year and a half have contributed to her training and competition process. Well done BBSEF!

I'm planning for this next phase with the base assumption that we will be missing members of the group for periods of time due to covid. The ultimate objective is still for each training session to be fun and engaging, contributing to season long progression, and for us to be as prepared as possible for each race series.

I have an unexpected obligation on Saturday and will not be at Bogus Basin. I have made arrangements with Coach Doug Sato to deliver a great day of coaching (similar to last weekend's SG progression this is something Doug and I have talked about doing in some form for some time). Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

The plan:

Saturday: Drill and focus day!

  • 8:50--3:00 w/11:30 to 12:30 lunch
  • GS skis (have freeskiing skis available)
  • AM Session: Drills and skills focus with Coach Doug
    • GS skis, no other gear required
    • This will be a combination of exercises targeting the group as a whole (improving skating skills for example) and individualized focus for each athlete (independant foot to foot focus for Greta Hall for example)
    • Group will be skiing groomers around the mountain.
  • PM session: Focused freeskiing with Coach Doug
    • GS skis again
    • Doug and the group will discuss a few options for the afternoon to build on the morning's work.

Sunday: Slalom Day!!!

  • 8:50--3:00 w/11:30 to 12:30 lunch
  • SL skis and gear (have freeskiing skis available)
  • AM session: Slalom in Bitterroot
    • Mix of drill courses and regular tall pole course
    • Video
  • PM session: More Slalom
    • Timing and/or dual obstacle course

That is everything for now. Let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or things to go over. Things are a little bit wild right now, let's do our best to keep our chins up and make the best of whatever weirdness the universe decides to throw at us next!





Hello team,

I'm not sure if you guys saw this but Coach Laurie won her GS World Championship race today! If you look at the action shots on the Facebook and Instagram pages you'll notice a BBSEF sticker on Laurie's helmet!



Official press release:






Hello U14 crew,

First--thanks for a great weekend of training. We missed G and H. G was racing Super-G at Jackson and H's leg is healing well so far. It was great having E.W. join us. The process of setting up multiple skis for athletes to try 2-3 different SG setups and see what felt best and for me to see how different setups worked for each athlete is something I've wanted to do for some time. I feel confident in the ski selections that R, N, E, J, P, and F are on in a way that I haven't felt in the past. Thank you to Doug Sato and Craige Naylor for the help this weekend.

BBSEF Speed Fleet skis:

Everyone's skis were tuned and waxed at the start of the weekend. Please take good care of them--always have 2-3 ski straps on them and wax them regularly. All of those skis are set with a 1 degree base bevel and a 3 degree side edge. If you have questions or need a hand with this, let me know.

We have these skis because they have been donated to the club or been purchased by the club with the proceeds from the sale of other equipment that was donated to the club and sold in the ski swap or internal swap. A few specific shout outs to folks who donated specific skis you're using:

  • E --The Childress family and Jack Childress donated your Dynastars.
  • J --Coach Laurie (and USOPC) donated your Dynastars.
  • R --The Zelinsky family donated your Heads.
  • F --The Bromley family and Meredith donated your Atomics. 

Speed progression:

The three day progression put everyone in a good place--looking comfortable turning the long skis at speed. The timed session this afternoon was a lot of fun! We will be shifting gears over to Slalom for the next week and will return to Super-G after that. The next steps will include working on our tuck and jumping. 

Video folder:

I shot quite a bit of video today (we watched most of it between runs on the hill). Not every clip is perfect--only watch the ones you don't like once or twice and then not again. Research strongly suggests that this will negatively impact your skill progression and sense of mastery. If a clip or a portion of a clip looks good and makes you feel proud/excited/good (even if it isn't perfect), watch that clip a bunch--research suggests it will generate a mastery response which will make you better! See your email for the link to videos.

This week's training plan:

Coming off a three day weekend of training (or travel and racing for G.), if you're feeling a little tired consider taking a day off if you need. We will be training Slalom on Tuesday and Thursday. Please have slalom skis and gear with you.

Tuesday: Panel Slalom and brush drills

Thursday: Drill course and tall pole course

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and thanks again for all of your hard work and commitment.

Have fun,




Hello again,

I was hasty in sending my last email and there is a discrepencyt on the van departure time from the BBSEF office--Van departs from the BBSEF office at 3:45. See modified original email below. Thanks Shannon for catching that!


Hello BBSEF Alpine Comp Team and Tuesday ski up athletes and families,

It has been quite a weekend! I hope that the racing went well for everyone who was at Jackson and Targhee. This week we will be training on the usual Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (U16/FIS and U14s who have added the third weekday train all three days, U14s train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and North Series athletes who add a ski up day train on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). We will be sticking with the 3:45 van for training on-snow from 4:45 to 7:00. The van departs the BBSEF offices at 4:45 3:45, depart the Jason Harper Training Center at 7:30 and return to the BBSEF office at 8:15.

Please complete the google form in your email for the week so we can be sure to have room in the vans for you and know to expect you on hill for training:

You may have already received communication from your group's lead coach but all groups can plan on three days of Slalom! As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.





Hello U14 crew,

I hope that everyone's travel home was smooth. I'll keep this brief and put together a more detailed summary at another time. In the meantime, here is the plan for the week:

Training objectives:

  • Continue developing and refining fundamentals in and out of courses
  • Backfill some equipment and skill assessment that we weren't able to get to in the rush to prepare for the Snowbird races.
  • Start skiing on Super-G skis and begin our SG progression.

Tuesday night:

  • GS skis and gear
    • We will be doing drills on our GS skis and mixing in a little bit with the U16s on their SG trainer course on the ridge

Thursday night:

  • GS skis and gear
    • GS training session on the Ridge
    • A few North Series athletes will be joining us for final race prep


  • AM session: Slalom skis for panel slalom session
  • PM session freeski on SG skis (I'll begin issuing skis for those who need them later in the week)


  • AM session: Freeskiing and drills on SG skis
  • PM session: SG course elements in Bitterroot 

Monday (MLK day): We will be discussing our plans for the day in our staff meeting tomorrow and I'll update you when I know more.

That is all for now. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.





Hello U14 crew,

I'm really pleased with how things have been going over the past few days. We will be shifting gears to Slalom for Wednesday. It is likely that we will then return to GS for Thursday and/or Friday's sessions. I'll update you on that tomorrow. It looks like we may receive fairly substantial snowfall tomorrow, we'll asses conditions in the morning, but there is a good chance that we will shift gears to an all mountain freeskiing day for some and perhaps all of the day. I'll tag and upload today's video later this evening and send links out either later tonight or first thing in the morning.

The summary:

  • Bring Slalom skis and gear 
  • Have freeskiing skis ready

Have a great night!





Hello U14 crew,

I'll keep this brief. We're training next Monday--Friday. Friday will be a half day, exact details on the are TBD. We're providing van transportation again. Next week the vans will depart the BBSEF office at 7:20 each morning and depart the JHTC at 3:20 each afternoon for a 4:00 arrival. For those not riding in the vans, plan to meet at the JHTC at 8:50. 

Plan on GS training on Monday and Tuesday and we'll solidify the rest of the week after training on Monday. That is everything for now. I'm going to try to be off the radar for the next few days and reemerge Sunday afternoon. Have a great holiday and enjoy the time with family and friends!




Hello again U14 crew,

Many of you have provided this information to me in other communication over the last month. With the Snowbird races coming up rather quickly and our somewhat abbreviated prep period, it is especially important that our training plans match as well with your schedules and plans as possible. The google poll linked below is to help me have the info I need in the same place. We're racing 2 Slalom races and 1 GS race at Snowbird, our overall training plan will be for a relatively even balance between Slalom and GS training. Please complete this google form poll as soon as it is convenient:


That is all for now. Carry on!


P.S. In case any of you were wondering "why the google forms all of a sudden?" Doodle has been glitchy for me over the last few days so I'm taking this opportunity to experiment with google forms for these purposes. 


Date: 12/20/21

Hello U14 crew,

Thanks for a great weekend of skiing and training. This week we will be moving forward with training for those who are on shool break as planned this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with van transport for those who need it.

Van transport:

  • Masks required at all times--no food or drink in the vans at this time
  • 8:20 depart BBSEF office
    • Meet in the BBSEF office parking lot
    • Arrive by 8:15 to load up for 8:20 departure
    • Please be mindful of the dentist office business traffic in the parking lot
  • 3:20 depart Bogus basin for a 4:00 arrival back at the BBSEF office.
  • Complete this google form so we know you're planning to ride with us:

Training plan:

First--a big thanks to Nate Shake and Bogus Basin for making additional training time available this week and to Archie for his role in coordinating these efforts. With the relatively low snowpack thus far there are not many venues available and having the opportunity to train on Lulu this week is a big deal and speaks to the ongoing strength of our partnership with Bogus Basin. Props also to Mark Wedeking (retired BBSEF Program Director) for his role in developing these relationships and negotiating opening the Lulu training venue when snowmaking was added four seasons ago.

We may invite a few of the older members of our North Series team to "ski up" and join our group for the Slalom session on Wednesday. Please welcome these teammates. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Craige Naylor will be coaching with us on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Meet outside the JHSC ready to ski at 9:45 every day
  • Have freeskiing skis available every day.
    • Tuesday 12/21:
      • Slalom focus: Bring SL skis and gear 
      • 10:00-12:00: Slalom training on Lulu (brushes, panels and a few single poles)
      • 12:00--1:00 lunch
      • 1:00-3:00 Technical skiing power hour and/or freeski session as time and conditions allows
    • Wednesday 12/22
      • Slalom focus: Bring SL skis and gear. Have GS skis available
      • 10:00-12:00: Slalom training on Lulu (panels and single poles)
      • 12:00--1:00 lunch
      • 1:00-3:00 Technical skiing power hour and/or freeski session as time and conditions allows--we may ski our GS skis for a few runs in preparation for Thursday's GS session.
    • Thursday 12/23
      • GS focus Bring GS skis 
      • 10:00-12:00-GS training on Lulu with the U16 and FIS group (we are skiing up to join them)
      • 12:00--1:00 lunch
      • 1:00-3:00 Technical skiing power hour and/or freeski session as time and conditions allows

That is all for now. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. 




Hello U14 Crew!

I hope that everyone is having a great week. I'd like to recognize Raya Saperston for her result at Cyclocross Nationals in Illinois last weekend in the womens 13-14 year old classification. We missed her on the snow, but riding cross in the wind and the mud is a pretty awesome reason to miss ski practice!

Looking ahead to the next week of training, the details of what we do will be determined by the amount of snow we get over the next couple of days. The weekend plan is solid as far as what skis to bring, the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday plan may change. Athletes are welcome to start using the training center and storing gear in the locker rooms this weekend.

This weekend:

  • Saturday & Sunday 8:45--3:00 with lunch break in the middle:
    • Meet in front of the Jason Harper Training Center ready to ski at 8:45
    • Bring your freeskiing skis and GS skis. 
    • We will not be running any gates, but may do some brushes, pole jumpers, and dye line drills if conditions allow.
    • We will be shooting video.

Next week:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:45--3:00 with lunch break in the middle:
    • Bogus hasn't 100% confirmed if they are opening at 9:00 or 10:00 next week. We will plan on a 10:00 opening until we hear otherwise.
    • 9:45 to 3:00 each day with a lunch break
    • Van transport will be available (I'd anticipate an 8:30 departure from the BBSEF office and 3:15-3:30 departure from the JHTC for a 4:00-4:15 return to the office)
      • Look for more info and a doodle poll about this soon.
    • Plan to be on Freeskiing skis, Slalom skis, and GS skis.
      • Exact details TBD and will be communicated on Monday at the latest.

That is everything for now. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.