U16/19 Team Updates

U16/U19  2022/23 Intermountain Comp Schedule


Coach Update


Hello U16+ families and athletes, 

Re: The email covering Entries and Lift tickets for Snowbird.


Please see read your email for the list of athletes I have entered in Snowbird, and let me know ASAP if you have been missed or anything has changed.

Lift tickets: 

Snowbird is part of the Mountain Collective, this gives 2 days of passes for Snowbird for Mountain Collective pass holders. To make Shawn's life easier, I need to know who has a Mountain Collective pass. Shawn will buy lift tickets for these athletes for the first day of racing to make things run more smoothly. Please email me by Friday, 12/30 at 5PM, if you have a Mountain Collective pass.


Pam Tucker-Kopp
Program Coordinator



Hello U16 and up athletes and parents,

I hope you are having a great week thus far and looking forward to the holidays. I am writing to get registration finalized for the January, 7-9 race at Snowbird. I need to know by, Friday 12/23 at 5:00PM weather your athlete is attending this race and if they are traveling with the team or with a parent. If I do not hear from you I will not register your kid for this race. 

The race announcement is available to view on IMDalpine.org.

Thank you, 

Pam Tucker-Kopp
Program Coordinator 
Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation

September 2022


The past couple of years has taught us that we cannot take things for granted.  It has also shown us the power of teamwork.  For this season an emerging challenge is the availability of race skis and race boots.  There is a high likelihood that these items will be sold out, long before we are back on snow.  To help facilitate equipment needs, we have created a private Facebook group “BBSEF Team Swap” for our BBSEF families only.   Our intention is to make it easier for you to buy and sell gear.  This group/page will be open through September, replacing our internal swap.  Buyers are responsible for knowing the bindings and having them serviced or adjusted by a licensed tech. You should not use equipment that has not been properly adjusted or is not currently indemnified.  BBSEF is not responsible for and does not accept any responsibility in the buying or selling of products.  It is up to the buyer and seller to understand and know the product. Please follow/like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bbsef.org then, request to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bbsefinternalswap


If you have questions regarding equipment, please contact  Shawn@bbsef.org

Reminder Equipment night will be Friday, September 16, (time TBD)

WHERE:  McU's, Greenwoods and Eco Lounge

EQUIPMENT INFO:  Reps will be in attendance from POC, Leki and Swix.  Please note:  U14s and older must use FIS-approved helmets for all events!

COACHES:  The coaching staff will be there to assist with sizing, and answer questions.



U16/U19 Intermountain Comp Schedule TBD


For all race schedules within the IMD and information on qualifiers and rules, refer to the IMD Alpine website. 


Athletes participating in IMD Races are required to have a current USSA Membership.  Create a new membership or renew here.


Date: 8/4/22

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer and some time away for some fun.  It is time to at least temporarily, put on your winter hat and think equipment for your child.  Let me give you the down and dirty, quick version.  Order ASAP, don't delay, gear is limited (VERY LIMITED), gear is going fast, you snooze you lose.  See the pattern here?  


1. Please go to McU Sports, Greenwood's or Eco Lounge (for Atomic only) to get sized and fitted for your gear.  
2.  If you have questions about ski length, boot size/flex, the U12 parents should contact Dave Hall.  The U14, U16 and U18 folks should contact me.
3.  I am always available to meet any of the families at the shop and give any assistance if you would like.  Let's make sure the equipment is right so it works the best to make progress this season.
If the shop does not have what you need, don't panic.  Contact Dave Hall at dave@bbsef.org and he may be able to help out.


1.  You should not count on there being an equipment night.  That is very much up in the air at this point and the reason I am sending this email.
2.  Reps are all scheduled for club visits BUT, they have very little equipment availability so we do not have that option.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Shawn Smith
BBSEF Athletic Director


Hello to the BBSEF families from Shawn Smith, BBSEF Athletic Director shawn@bbsef.org  

I hope everyone is getting ready to jump into summer.  I wanted to write to you for a while now but we have been very busy with wrapping up the season, USSS online meetings, IMD meetings, summer camp planning and the spring membership enrollment.  I can finally draw a breath.

I am so pleased to join a well established club with top notch people running the show.  Working for Shannon Carrell is a real pleasure.  I am so impressed with her knowledge of the programs’ club history and ability to get things done properly and on time.  Working with the talented Kelly Mullens on any communication project is very enjoyable and informative.  I hope the membership appreciates the performance standards of those individuals and all they bring to our organization.  The talent of those individuals combined with a very supportive, committed and involved BOD, were major influences on my decision to remain with the club.

I was hired last fall to coach the alpine U16 and FIS athletes.  The season gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with a great group of kids and make personal observations and evaluations of many aspects of the club.  It was evident that there are many areas that are going well and should be supported.  I also saw areas of opportunity to advance our programs in the coming seasons.  I would like to outline some of the ideas that I plan to begin to implement changes next season and into the future.  So here we go:


I can tell you that this is an area where a vast majority of programs neglect.  IF there is any education, it centers around operation procedures and perhaps broad discussions about the technical aspects of racing.  They totally miss the importance to train the coaching staff on how to teach.  That’s right, the delivery skills of making connections and really affecting outcomes for the athletes to a great extent is the “art” of coaching.  The technical pieces are more the “science” of coaching.  Coach/instructor education has been a great passion of mine and I have had the pleasure for the last 45 years to train coaches of all levels from entry level to national team coaches from several nations.


Coaches are frequently left to create the focus and directions for their group of kids.  The problem that I have found with this approach is the lack of “flow” of development and growth as an athlete moves up in age groups.  The coaching staff needs the framework of what is to be covered and their personal delivery style brings the information to life.


This is another topic that does not get addressed with clubs.  Coaches are “too busy” to get this work done.  During the late summer and fall families will be receiving info pieces periodically on a wide variety of race-related subjects that I hope will help you broaden your knowledge of our sport.  I know everyone receives a bunch of messages so we will be prudent about the amount of messages that go your way.  During the season, the coaches will give you a weekly report of progress and significant outcomes.


I am very aware and sensitive to the costs of our sport.  Shops and reps mean well with their recommendations but do not always get things “right” for the athlete.  The coaching staff is a resource for parents to ensure the gear follows age appropriate rules and is optimally functional for the athlete.  I have been traveling to several families homes to check gear for next year.  Skis - length, radius and bindings; boots - sizing, flex, height, power straps, sole wear and tear; poles - length for SL, GS, SG, strap system (about 75% of the kids are using poles that are too short) and brand recommendations; helmets - fit and legality; back protectors if appropriate and finally any need for boot fit work or leveling (ramp angle, canting).


For next season we will be making a few adjustments in the coaching structure of 2 programs.  The North Series group will have its own head coach and 2 additional coaches.  Rather than working as one large group, athletes will be split into 3 smaller groups based on experience and needs.  Each coach will be responsible for coordinating the lesson/training plan for the week and communicating that plan to the head coach.  The U14 program will have a new coach this season due to the departure of Ben.  She/he will coordinate their weekly game plan with me to be sure we have continuity.

There will be some other changes of note.  Our young kids run too many gates - and oftentimes on the wrong terrain!  Basic skills need to be developed and enhanced while the kids explore all the mountain has to offer having fun with their coach, seeking out new challenges.  Time in gates should start on green terrain with short courses with intermittent sessions.  There is ample time for gate training when a solid skill base has been established and the kids get older.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  I hope it is helpful.  I am gradually meeting more of the families of our club and look forward to getting our new season under way.




Good morning everyone,

I can't believe the season has come to an end but I guess that is the nature of things. At least it is staying cool and we are getting some much needed precipitation.  You would not believe how dry it was in the Tahoe area when Gracie and I were there for FIS races.  We were skiing on early January snow!

It was a pleasure to coach the U16 & U18 groups this year.  Great gang of kids and parents.  

I have attached a review of the material covered this season.  Here are some ways that it can be used for your benefit:


Read the review!  Print a hard copy or make notes on the review itself.  You were given a ton of feedback throughout the season.  Everything will sound familiar I am sure.  Your job is to highlight the areas and statements that had the biggest impact on your success this season.  I suggest you revisit that information from time to time.


Please look over the information.  This is the core of the program in which your child participated all season.  I know your athlete can help answer any of your questions about this material and how it applies to them.

I will be in touch with more information about next season, equipment, conditioning, camps and other topics.

Shawn Smith
Alpine Director
U16/19 FIS Head Coach