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9+ Years Old (8yo with a coaches recommendation)

This two-day (Saturday & Sunday) program is for children that want the best of both worlds, ski racing and freeskiing. This group environment will be led by a qualified coach that specializes in teaching children how to improve their skiing skills. Participants will train one day with the Alpine Development Team and one day with the All Mountain Freeski Team. 

Alpine Development Team (also referred to as Devo or D-Team): This team is where kids develop basic, all-mountain skiing technique in multiple disciplines. The Alpine Development Team teaches basic all-mountain skiing skills with an emphasis on alpine racing techniques and a strong commitment to FUNdamental utilizing the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Skills Quest Training System.

All Mountain Freeski Team: This program exposes skiers to everything Bogus Basin has to offer. Participants will explore the entire mountain in a fun and safe learning environment; skiing steeps, bumps, groomers, powder, crud, trees, race courses, rails/boxes, and jumps. 

Team Goals:

  • Build confidence to ski all types of terrain.
  • Introduce young skiers to a fundamental skiing progression applying both alpine and/or freeskiing technical skills.
  • Introduce young skiers to the possibilities of snow sports competition.
  • Produce a culture of fun and growth.
  • Create strong peer relationships/group dynamics.
  • Instill respect for people, places, and property.


Skiers must be comfortable skiing around Bogus Basin with parallel skis. Specifically, participants must be comfortable skiing down the entire Deer Point area and Lower Nugget, Wild Cat, and Paradise runs on the Pine Creek Chair and Nighthawk, Triumph, and War Eagle on the Superior Chair. 



Groups ski together from 9:30a-3:15p on Saturday and Sunday. Lunch is unsupervised from 12:00 pm-12:45 pm. Athletes will be assigned to an Alpine Development Team group one day and a All Mountain Freeski Team group on the other day.  The group assignments will be made just prior to the first day on snow and will be based on the overall enrollment of the program.



Throughout the season athletes will participate in the Coaches Cup Series. This series is designed to expose the groups to the different disciplines of skiing in a friendly competition environment. Events in Slalom, Giant Slalom, Jumping, and either a Slopestyle or skicross are held on either Saturday or Sunday. All members are automatically entered into all four days of our coaches' cup series. 


Coaches Cup Series: BBSEF Team Members of the Mitey Mites, Alpine Development Team, All Mountain Freeski Team, and the Snowboard Development Team participate in the Coaches Cup series. This series includes a one-day Giant Slalom or Slopestyle, a one-day Slalom or Slopestyle and the Coaches Cup Finale which is four events over two days. Awards are given to 1st through 5th place and participation ribbons are given to all competitors after each event. At the end of the season, a Coaches Cup Overall award is presented to the team member that has accumulated the most points from each competition.

During the fall months on Sunday for one hour at Camel's Back Park team members go through fitness activity and camaraderie building exercise. This is a great opportunity to meet other members, families, and staff.  

A Bogus Basin Season pass is required and must be purchased directly through the Bogus Basin office.  Pass prices are not included in BBSEF Team Fees.

More information about BBSEF, our programs, fundraisers and volunteer information, please follow this link, BBSEF Parent/Athlete Handbook.

Race To Ride Team

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2 Day Program


Saturday & Sunday

December 17 March 12


Optional Holiday Camp


Spring $1375, June-Oct. 15 $1500 Oct 15-Dec. $1600

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