BBSEF Team Shred


BBSEF Team Shred Freeride/Freestyle
Team Shred is our freeride team for Skiing and Snowboarding.  There are two programs: Team Shred Home and Team Shred Travel.

Team Shred Home – Will focus on new techniques expanding one’s skills in the terrain park and big mountain with additional work in skiercross and moguls.  Creating a versatile skier/snowboarder in a fun team environment with a focus on safety.

Ages 9 and older
Benefits include:

  • Team environment for fun learning experience
  • Use of terrain features
  • Video Analysis
  • Training days: Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • Competitions: Local events including the Coaches Cup and Michael B Young All Mountain Event

Whether you want to learn how to catch some air in the park or charge a big line off-piste, we can help you achieve your riding goals.

Team Shred Travel (TST)- Team Shred travel is the premier freeride, freeski and freestyle snowboard team in the Treasure Valley, delivering strong coaching to develop well rounded skiers and snowboarders.  Participation in Team Shred travel will help athletes attain their short and long term skiing and snowboarding goals while promoting strong decision making skills, all-mountain etiquette, a strong work ethic, creativity, confidence and good sportsmanship.  This year, BBSEF will provide the opportunity for experienced skiers and snowboarders to focus on either a big mountain or terrain park experience within Team Shred travel.

Declaring a focus on Team Shred travel will allow BBSEF and our coaches to tailor an appropriate training program for your athlete.  Please remember that declaring a focus does not lock the Team Shred Travel athlete into a specific regiment, or competition schedule.  For the athlete choosing to compete, there are now two, nonexclusive competitive paths they can follow.

TST offers:

  • Choice of training three or four days per week training, Tuesday, Thursday (nights), Saturday and Sunday.
  • Weekday Transportation included
  • 4 days of training over Christmas.

The Travel plan: 
Freeski and Freestyle Ski/Snowboard team (emphasis on Terrain Park)The first path involves USASA ( and/or USSA (https:// competitions which include terrain park oriented contests such as slopestyle, halfpipe, big air, skier/boarder-cross, banked slalom and rail jams.   In addition to the terrain park, athletes will train on big mountain terrain and backcountry-type jumps in mid-winter conditions.  This is path is for the athlete with dreams of someday going to the Olympics or the X Games, or for the athlete who wants to be the best darn shredder on the hill.

For USASA events, athletes will need to be registered with USASA and elect a “region.”  Historically, our team has elected to be part of the Idaho Mountain Freeride Series as most of our competitions are part of that series. For USSA events, athletes will need to be registered with both USSA and FIS.  Our advanced skiing athletes will also want to consider registration with AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals https:// for worldwide ranking and the opportunity to participate in more advanced freeski competitions.

Freeride team (emphasis on Big Mountain)The second avenue involves IFSA (International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association  which focus on Big Mountain contests within the intermountain division.  These freeride competitions involve negotiating steep natural terrain fluidly in a similar approach to slopestyle competitors in a terrain park.  However, unlike the freestyle discipline of slopestyle, there are no perfect man-made takeoffs or landings – each individual rider’s route varies, and is personally plotted out in pre-run inspections.