Winter Begins

The word is out.  Winter has arrived.  I had a 6:30  Breakfast Monday with Ron Abramovich and a fellow weather scientist friend of his who is a meteorologist for  Idaho Power.  It seems that we go thru these sleepless nights and restless days waiting for the snow to come.  After listening to their  stories and analogies of the coming year, I came away  saturated with information on how the weather system works.  What I learned was that we will have winter, we will get enough snow and we will have our season.  

Today I went to the mountain and found out that the 10 inches of snow that is reported is somewhere near the bottom of Bogus Basin.  At the Training Center there is well over 18 inches of dense snow that will create a good base. Bogus Basin is planning on opening for the 2012-2013 season December 21.  I see that as a very likely event so we will gear up for that to happen.


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