FIS Team

Coach Updates

Age: U19 and older (Currently athletes must be 16 years old to compete in FIS (International Ski Federation) competitions.
Training Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (evenings), all day Saturday and Sunday.

FIS Team – The BBSEF FIS team is designed to support U19 athletes who have made a strong commitment to alpine ski racing and who wish to compete in FIS races. Grit and work ethic balanced with fun and a love for this lifestyle are necessary at this level. The FIS team works hard to support and develop these skills in a close-knit team environment.

Focus -- The FIS Team’s programming is built around the specific objectives and needs of the athletes registered. A portion of the FIS Team’s programming crosses over with the U16/19 group and within the U19 age group there may be some crossover between the two groups.

Ability--The BBSEF FIS team is intended to effectively support skiers who are able to qualify for regional FIS race events.

Competition--The FIS Team competes in regional and national FIS races as well as in US Ski & Snowboard open races and some IMD races when appropriate. Because of the unique nature of FIS racing, the exact competition schedule will vary considerably between athletes and over the course of each season. Regional FIS races take place throughout the Western Region, FIS team athletes can expect to travel beyond the IMD to neighboring divisions and beyond.

The BBSEF FIS Team works collaboratively with other program FIS Teams to support each other’s athletes. Travel to FIS races may be with the team, with another team, or with family. Travel competitions also carry an additional fee based on expenses in addition to team fees and will vary by event.

FIS Team athletes are required to purchase a U.S. Ski & Snowboard license and a FIS License in addition to base tuition fees.

On Snow Training—December to April, with Spring, Summer, and Fall training opportunities.

Camps--The BBSEF FIS Team offers Spring, Summer, and Fall training opportunities. Some will be in conjunction with the U16/19 Team and some will be in conjunction with other programs. Each training camp has a separate cost in addition to tuition.

Dryland Training--Training and conditioning is offered July – November, with maintenance programming occurring during the season. Programming is specific to each athlete.

Equipment--BBSEF staff works with FIS Team athletes to ensure that each athlete has equipment that meets FIS Specifications and that supports their goals.

A Bogus Basin Season pass is required and must be purchased directly through Bogus Basin season pass office.  Pass prices are not included in BBSEF Team Fees.

More information about BBSEF, our programs, fundraisers and volunteer information is available in the BBSEF Parent/Athlete Handbook.