U14 Team

Coach Updates

2022.2023 U14 Junior IMC Team

U14 Team – The U14 Team is part of BBSEF’s Alpine Competition Team (ACT). The U14 team is primarily for 12 and 13-year old skiers. The U14 age class is considered to be a challenging time period as the level of competition becomes deeper and more challenging. Our team takes this challenge as an opportunity to develop grit and work ethic, build teamwork around individual goals, and enhancing self-esteem by improving skills and results.

Focus -- The team’s focus is on continued skill development, which includes age and developmentally appropriate alpine ski fundamentals, Slalom and Giant Slalom race tactics, and the introduction of Super-G racing. Our focus is intended to help new U14 skiers build on their experience as a U12 skier on the North Series Team, continue skill development and supporting athletic goals as 2nd year U14s, as well as to support U14 age skiers who may not have previously taken part in the North Series or other travel team opportunities. The BBSEF staff works to ensure U14 team athletes develop as skiers and as people with a focus on team and social skills, mental skills and regulation, and that they are well prepared to move onto the U16 Team and to be able to thrive in the more independent and training oriented environment.

Ability--The U14 team is designed to effectively support skiers ranging from those who are tracking with top skiers in their age group nationally to those who are relatively new to alpine ski racing. Skiers should be comfortable skiing independently all over the mountain.

Competition--The U14 Team competes in the Intermountain Division of the US Ski & Snowboard Association (IMD) Junior Intermountain Cup (IMC) race series. These races serve as qualifying races for U14 Western Regional Championships and the U14/16 Tri-Divisional Championships. The IMD includes Southern Idaho, Southwestern Wyoming and all of Utah. The US Ski & Snowboard Association’s Western Region is composed of five regional divisions; the IMD, Alaska Division, Northern Division, Far West Division, and the Pacific Northwest (PNSA) Division. The Junior IMC races are three-day race weekends, generally taking place Friday-Sunday. There are three Junior IMC race weekends, these common race locations are Park City, Snowbasin, Snow King, and Sun Valley. There are also opportunities to compete in open races, including a December “warm-up” race at Mt Bachelor.

Travel to Junior IMC races is with family, travel to open races is with the team or with family, and travel to training camps is with the team. Travel competitions also carry an additional fee based on expenses in addition to team fees and will vary by event.

U14 Team athletes are required to purchase a U.S. Ski & Snowboard license in addition to base tuition fees.

On Snow Training--December 1st to April 1st. The training commitment during the winter season moves to four days a week. On-snow training supports a season-long progression and consists of fundamental skill development and event and tactically specific skill development work, both in and out of gates. The U14 training will include a variety of drills, targeted free skiing on and off-piste, gate training, timing, and video analysis to achieve this aim. Weekday training is typically Tuesday and Thursday evenings and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Van transportation to and from Bogus Basin is provided for weekday and holiday training sessions.

Camps--The BBSEF Alpine Competition Team offers training camps taking place between May and November. These camps are optional, however, U14 team embers are encouraged to take part in at least one off-season on-snow training opportunity. The IMD supports several “projects” intended to bring first-year U14 athletes together from around the division to train and learn together. Each training camp has a separate cost in addition to tuition.

Dryland Training--Training and conditioning is offered July – November. The U14 Team dryland program seeks to provide a basic athletic framework for our athletes with an emphasis on strength, endurance, and motor skill development. Many of the athletes participate in other sports, which we encourage. A core mission of the U14 Team conditioning program is to incorporate sport-specific movements and lay the foundation for more advanced training to come later in the athlete’s progression.

Equipment--BBSEF staff works with each U14 athlete and their specific needs each September through early December to ensure that athletes have the gear they need to effectively develop skills and achieve their competition goals. BBSEF has Super-G skis and other equipment available for loan and we facilitate the exchange of lightly used gear between families. U14 team members should have good fitting ski boots, with fit and alignment checked by a boot fitter, Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Super-G skis, a pair of all-around freeskiing skis, poles, a race suit, Slalom protective gear, and a FIS approved helmet.

A Bogus Basin Season pass is required and must be purchased directly through the Bogus Basin  office.  Pass prices are not included in BBSEF Team Fees.