U16/U19 IMC Team

Coach Updates

Age: 14 to 18 years old U16/U19 Intermountain Cup (IMC) Team
Training Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (evenings), all day Saturday and Sunday.

U16/19 Team – The U16/19 Team is part of BBSEF’s Alpine Competition Team (ACT). The U16/19 team is primarily for 14 to 18 year old skiers. Team members become increasingly independent and self-reliant, traveling with the team and learning to balance their academic and athletic goals in a supportive team environment.

Focus -- The team’s focus builds on the work done on the U14 team and is intended to continue refining skiing fundamentals while applying these fundamentals to advanced tactics in Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Super-G ski races. The U16/19’s culture and focus is designed to be supportive of athletes who have chosen to specialize in alpine ski racing as well as those for whom alpine ski racing is one of the many sports and activities they take part in. The BBSEF staff works to ensure U16/19 team athletes develop as skiers and as people with a focus on developing independence, continuing to develop team and social skills, mental skills and self-regulation, and decision making and problem-solving. The U16/19 team supports athletes who are developing towards individual goals of their own choosing and can include preparation for the FIS Team, college ski racing, becoming a coach or instructor themselves or simply being among the more skillful skiers on the mountain.

Ability--The U16/19 team’s approach is intended to effectively support skiers ranging from those who are tracking with top skiers in their age group nationally and preparing for FIS racing to those who are relatively new to alpine ski racing or who may be starting to wind down their alpine ski racing career. Skiers should be comfortable skiing independently all over the mountain and able to make

Competition--The U16/19 Team competes in IMD USSS Intermountain Cup races and when appropriate/qualified may participate in regional events. Athletes may to travel beyond the IMD to neighboring divisions and beyond.

The BBSEF U16/19  & FIS Team may work collaboratively and with other programs to support each other’s athletes. Travel to races may be with the team, with another team, or with family. Travel competitions also carry an additional fee based on expenses in addition to team fees and will vary by event.

U16/19 Team athletes are required to purchase a U.S. Ski & Snowboard license and may consider FIS License in addition to base tuition fees.

On Snow Training—December to April, with Spring, Summer, and Fall training opportunities.

Camps--The BBSEF U16/19 Team offers Spring, Summer, and Fall training opportunities. Some will be in conjunction with the FIS Team and some will be in conjunction with other programs. Each training camp has a separate cost in addition to tuition.

Dryland Training--Training and conditioning is offered July – November, with maintenance programming occurring during the season. Programming is specific to each athlete.

Equipment--BBSEF staff works with U16/19 Team athletes to ensure that each athlete has equipment that meets USSS/FIS Specifications and that supports their goals.

A Bogus Basin Season pass is required and must be purchased directly through Bogus Basin season pass office.  Pass prices are not included in BBSEF Team Fees.

More information about BBSEF, our programs, fundraisers and volunteer information is available in the BBSEF Parent/Athlete Handbook.